Who We Are

Royex is a Web and Software development company of Bangladesh that operates globally in international market. Our Intention is to provide fully interactive and cost effective solutions by establishing a bridge between international and local technology. We have an excellent founding team accomplished with highly skilled software architects, software engineers and developers and are determined solid growth in the web solution market.

What We Offer

We mainly work for other agencies (design agencies, digital agencies or software development rms) as their back oce and all of our solutions are white label. At present, we are working for seven big agencies throughout the world. We have a separate team for each agency with a dedicated project coordinator.

There are two options we are offering for new agencies: they can keep their dedicated team under our company’s guidance, or they can give us work on a project basis.

Why Royex

  • We have three fully functional oces in three cities
  • We are in a country of 170 million people. Fifty percent of them are age 18 to 28, so there is no dearth of manpower especially in the IT sector.
  • Our hourly rate is 9 to 18 USD but for each project you are getting one project manager
  • We are a very cost-eective and high-quality service provider
  • Our two development ocesare placed where we can hire enough manpower.
  • We help you concentrate more on your business so that you don’t have to worry about the projects.
  • We have a sales and support oce in Dubai to provide physical support in the Middle East market and we are planning to open more offices in another location.

Our Team

At Royex Technologies we believe and treat our team members as an asset to the company.
We have pool of talented young computer programmers who work sincerely with very strong backgrounds in web development, information architecture and content management solutions. Absence of giants like Microsoft, Infosys, CTS makes it possible for us to recruit and retain large pool of world class talent. And we hire only the best. We run regular training and review sessions to keep us on the top. And our culture of constructive criticism, learning and sharing expands our horizons and keeps us level headed.
Our dedicated bunch of employees are from the bestest universities of our country like CUET, RUET, SUST, CU and abroad and many others. Together combining we have 75 Man-Years of experience and they are behind in driving our organizing forward.

Our Management

Swapan Roy (Managing Director of Royex)

Swapan Roy, (Managing Director)

Swapan Roy, Managing Director of Royex technologies is a retired government service holder. In profession he was a Mechanical Engineer and now he is managing the Bangladesh division of Royex technologies with his 35 years’ service experience. Setting up and establishing a software firm in Chittagong was never an easy job and this was made possible by him due to his experience, commitment and dedication. Under his leadership, Royex has achieved a degree of success in short period that is unparalleled in the country’s software business history.

Rajib Roy (CEO of Royex)

Rajib Roy, (CEO)

Rajib Roy, CEO of Royex Technologies is a highly motivated, genuinely flexible and exceptionally hard-working person. He is a Systems Architect with a background encompassing a decade of experience in software development and leading teams in the successful design and production of bespoke solutions with a focus on innovation, reliability and ease of use. Having played a key role in the development and deployment of projects and solutions that have been adopted by leading retail, hospitality and travel sector clients, his skills lie in planning cost-effective solutions and building and coordinating dedicated, highly-skilled teams that convert ideas and concepts into innovative, functional and ultimately profitable products.

He earned his B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from CUET and M.Sc. in Information and Technology (Software Engineering) from Herriot Watt University, UK.
Internet entrepreneur. A tech maverick and respected Web visionary, Rajib is the founding member and partner of different tech companies such as BlogyMate, Quontent, Certa, Webplanner, Nexa Bangladesh, Nexa Omnicard, Webplanner, jobsctg etc.

Sajid Islam (Advisor)

Sajid Islam, (Advisor)

Sajid Islam is a Bangladeshi-American Serial Entrepreneur, Startup fanatic and a progressive Investor who returned to Bangladesh after 18 years to ignite the Bangladesh's startup Ecosystem. With that idea in mind, he launched Shetu.org – a startup mentorship program in 2013. And in 2014, he launched Hubdhaka - Bangladesh’s first coworking space as well as an incubator. Hubdhaka is now a second home to entrepreneurs, free thinkers, achievers, innovators, and go-getters to convene, work and collaborate. Sajid Islam firmly believes that Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful forces on the planet and its impact is truly that of world-changing consequences.