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24 Classes + 2 Weeks Internship

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About Royex Education

We have seen that we do not have proper training or guidance for people who are aspiring to work or learn Website development in Microsoft Asp.Net platform.

Some training institutes provide these training but they do not have the infrastructure for the live project to teach others. We, Royex Technologies, have developed more than 200+ CMS and software application (currently live) in Microsoft Asp.Net platform and we know how to work in Microsoft Asp.Net platform and how to deliver the project.

Our Courses

Our Course fee: 18,000 BDT

Course Start Date: 22nd November, 2016

Course duration: 2 months

Number of seats: 10


Our Courses

Our Website development course duration will be for 2 months purely based on Microsoft Asp.Net platform. Weekly 3 days class each of duration 2 hours with the chance to work on live project or internship for 2 weeks at the end of the course.

Class 1 - Introduction to web development

Class 2 - Html - How to markup your website

Class 3 - Css - Adding styles to your markup

Class 4 - Javascript, jQuery and plugins

Class 5 - Bootstrap & Responsive web design

Class 6 - Introduction to and Visual Studio

Class 7 - Fundamentals: Syntax & Control Structures

Class 8 - Advanced: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Class 9 - Advanced Database Query & Command

Class 10 - ASP.Net Web Forms & Tools(Basic)

Class 11 - ASP.Net Web Forms & Tools(Advanced)

Class 12 - Introducing Web Form Controls: Part 1

Class 13 - Introducing Web Form Controls: Part 2

Class 14- ASP.Net MVC(Basic)

Class 15- ASP.Net MVC(Advanced)

Class 16- Introduction to Database & MSSQL Server

Class 17 - Introduction to sample project - Designing a website

Class 18 - Designing the database

Class 19 - Developing the website - Converting markups to pages

Class 20 - Developing the website - Admin Panel

Class 21 - Developing the website - Forms

Class 22 - Developing the website - Pages, lists and details

Class 23 - Distributing and deployment of the project

Class 24 - Miscellaneous

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Note: This course is mainly conducted to create some quality developer so that we can rely on them in future for our company. If there are any skillful and quality student we will definitely look after them.