How Branding Affects Consumer Behavior

16 Jul 2015
How Branding Affects Consumer Behavior

Branding affects consumer behavior in creating brand awareness of the product to potential customers. Brands have value and sway consumer behavior by clicking on the consumer user perceive and relate to a product is an essential step in affecting consumer behavior. Therefore understanding the need to brand not only adds value to your business but drives your clients buying decisions. For example, in October 2012, Forbes magazine’s ranked Apple as the top global brand name worth $87.1 billion. Analyzing the branding principles imbibed by Brands like Apple is thus useful in developing branding strategies for better consumer awareness of your business.

The concept of branding is all about the relationship with the customer. Therefore, the aim of branding is geared towards the consumer’s experience of the brand.

A global research agency asserts that “strong brands are trustmarks.” so to make your product and services unique and preferred above others, you need to place more emphasis on giving the best experience to consumers instead of just depending on brand functionality. For example, if your product is detergent, cereal or enhanced water, you can truncate the decision of the consumer to buy your product over others by forming an emotional bond in the minds of consumers. These tactics of creating trustmarks of products can increase product sales and brand preference.

Brand packaging, advertising, and media focus on a brand can contribute immensely to a brand's identity. Owing to the idea that the product exceeds the consumer’s expectation can make the brand always to be the choice of the consumer. For example, when a customer continually buys a particular cell phone or beer, it apparently means that he has recognized that brand as a better choice compared to other competing brands.

Branding also affects consumer behavior through digital interaction. Smartphone apps have made marketers to be able to build a lasting connection with consumers in recent times. Through digital communications with consumers, brands can get resourceful feedbacks about each product category; hence, the brand has more impact and is well supported by the customer.

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