How to search best SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Company in Bangladesh

22 Aug 2016
How to search best  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Company in Bangladesh

Bangladesh posses one of the most attractive population demography in the world - out of the total 160 million populations in Bangladesh, 50% of the population is below 25 years of age! So Bangladesh becomes one of the cheapest places to do outsourcing. And maximum company wants to use this cheap manpower to do SEO for their company website.

As Bangladesh become one of the attractive country for SEO outsourcing, lots of SEO Company developed in our country. Some are very serious about their work and try to build reputation with quality work and some are using wrong method to get immediate result and in return they ruin the website reputation.

So before choosing any SEO company you need to check some quality of the Company. Below is my list that will help you to choose best SEO Company in Bangladesh.

Find a SEO firm from your search

Wouldn't it great if you could just Google “SEO firm in Bangladesh” and select one of the first ten firms that come up? Hmm they practice what they speak, so they must be good, right? Yes, good and pricey. As they are already on search result that means they know how to bit other.

Budget and Fees

Fees also help you to determine the quality of the work. If a company asks you less than $500 in a month, I am not sure what type of people they will use for you. The person who will work for you must be smart enough to take right decision and smart people are not cheap even in Bangladesh. But in the same time if a company demands huge amount that also not fair.

Communication Plan/Frequency

Often your SEO salesperson won’t really do the actual work on your account. Even though the salesperson will likely be an excellent communicator, it’s a good idea to satisfy the team behind the salesperson so that you can get a feel regarding how well you flow with the organization.

Analytics Quality

Analytics should be a vital part of your buying decision.  Analytics give you with data, but it’s what you accomplish with that data that is important for your bottom line. Everyone can install Google Analytics and print a report, but the more beneficial skill is in the ability to draw insights from analyzing the data. If the SEO Company offers you reports without having recommendations then I would say they aren’t too focused on truly optimizing your website

Performing a Background Check

Ask their own clients how long it was before they noticed a growth in search engine-related business. Find out if they were pleased with the level of communication the company provided them. Did they follow through with all the promises that they made from the start.

If the client you're conversing with has been particularly successful, ask them how much they paid to achieve that success as well as how much they are paying to maintain it.

Moreover you can ask following question to them, you don’t need to know the correct answer. Just check how they respond with your question, professional company always answers you professionally.

How will the SEO Company determine which keywords will be the target of your optimization efforts?

Will the optimization plan include an analysis of your website's design, navigation, coding, content and incoming links?

Will they also analyze your competitor’s websites to find out what sites in your market are performing well and why?

Will the SEO Company be writing your content or will they work with your existing content? (If they don’t have any content writer, don’t work with that company)

Does the SEO vendor have a link strategy for your site and skill to promote your site through content on the appropriate third-party sites (ie blogs, article directories, video, and images)?

Ask prospective firms to scope out how they would optimize your website. What are the exact on-page and off-Page techniques will they be applying?

I hope this article will help you to find best SEO Company in Bangladesh.

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