Why Outsource Web Design Services to Bangladesh Outsourcing Companies?

24 May 2016
Why Outsource Web Design Services to Bangladesh Outsourcing Companies?

Bangladesh is the 8th most populated nation in the world. There  you will get a huge supply of young, qualified and English speaking (English being trained through day one at our educational facilities- a side effect of being an ex-British colony) resources. The total cost operations for a typical software offshoring process is nearly 40% lower than countries like India or Philippines. Aside from resource costs other costs like infrastructure, assistance and management the price advantage with competing outsourcing destinations is actually significant. Living cost in India for example is fast becoming equivalent with countries like Malaysia or Thailand and thus . The future of outsourcing advantages to India is decreasing every year.

This is exactly where Bangladesh outshines others - having very similar educational standards, Bangladeshi resource pool isn't fully tapped and its potential to become a major software outsourcing destination is exactly like India of the 90's. A recent KPMG research is a very good read to get an idea about this.

Now a day Web Design and development organizations are also becoming mature and standardized. Companies like us (Royex Technologies) has been doing Web Design and development,  software development outsourcing from Bangladesh. We have lots of experience in this sector and we understand the client business and provide excellent customer service and support to our client.

We look forward to a huge future in Web Design and development as well as software outsourcing in Bangladesh.

N.B: If you are new here: We are a software development company in Bangladesh providing responsive Website design, CMS development, E-commerce website development, HTML Conversion, SEO and online marketing service for other companies with our expert team. Check out Royex.net to know more about us


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