Bangladesh is the 2nd Largest Outsourcing destination according to OII

23 Jul 2017
Bangladesh is the 2nd Largest Outsourcing destination according to OII

A global market has been created for digitally delivered freelance work in Internet, which is growing rapidly. Oxford Internet Institute’s new Online Labour Index worker supplement brings out  what skills different countries are bringing to the market. For example, the top occupational category in the US is translation and writing, while in the Indian subcontinent it is software development and technology. Various regions in Europe focus on different specialisms. The map below is based on near-real time data from the four largest platforms connecting buyers and sellers of for online freelance work.

Bangladesh is the 2nd Largest Outsourcing destination

                              Online Labour Index top occupation by country, 1-6 July 2017

According to the data, India is the largest supplier of online labour for traditional outsourcing destination which is near to 24% of the workers. Now India is followed by Bangladesh (16%) and US (12%). Different occupations are focussed by different countries’ workers. Technology and software development category is dominated by the Indian Subcontinent workers which of 55 percent market share. Professional service categories is led by UK-based workers which consists of accounting, legal and business consulting. They captured 22 percent market share.

The Online Labour Index worker supplement is collected from Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, and PeoplePerHour, four of the largest online labour platforms, also known as online freelancing or online outsourcing platforms. Since these are English-language platforms, non-English-speaking countries’ market shares are not present in the figures. There are other platforms in other languages, but English-language platforms are the main conduits of international trade.These four sites represent at least 40 percent of the global market for platform-based online work  based on traffic statistics. The figures are thus likely to give a reasonably good indication of the overall contours of the market and especially of what skills different countries bring to the global market.

Outsourcing destination Graph

Europe’s regions show a distinct geographic skill pattern. In Latin Europe the leading online work category is writing and translation, while North Europe provides creative and multimedia work as well as sales and marketing support. Large East European countries are strongest in software development and technology, which is consistent with the fact that they are also significant destinations for traditional technology outsourcing.

Online Labour Index top occupation by country, 1-6 July 2017

Workers from Internet-savvy countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, the Sub-Saharan Africa region can also be seen participating in the market. They are especially active in writing and translation work, with a global market share in that category of about 6 percent. The second largest category in Kenya is software development and technology work, consistent with efforts to build a local technology outsourcing sector in the country. Kenya’s global market share in this category of online freelance work remains small, however, at less than half a percent.

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