How to Choose Right Content Management System (CMS) for Your Business

09 Jun 2016

In our previous post, we’ve discussed about the basic concepts of a Content Management System (CMS). There we also emphasized on the rationale behind using CMS in websites. There are many CMSs available today that offer number of features and benefits. But since you are going to use one CMS for a single website, so you must have to choose the best suited program with your purpose. Here are some core suggestions that will show you the right way in this purpose.

 1.      User Friendliness 

Content Management Systems are used at backend. It does not mean that always there will be geek people to handle your website admin panel. So choose a user friendly CMS so that the site’s management activities run smoothly.

 2.      Emphasize on Fitness 

In choosing a CMS, someone may think that ‘bigger is better’, which is absolutely a wrong idea. Put your requirement at the first place. Each CMS has its own best performing area. So, choose them according to your requirement. If your website is an e-commerce portal, then it must not be a wise decision to deploy such a CMS that is basically a bogging platform. I hope you get it!

 3.      Do some Research 

You will obviously get more than one CMS for any kind of purpose. Now what is important, that is, do some research to rank between them. To do this ranking, take a look on their user base. At this step, ‘bigger is better’ may be a great idea. See how frequently, if any, security concerns being raised by its current users. Also compare between the official supports provided the developer organizations.

 4.      Final Checklist 

After the above three steps, make a final check list to see if you really done the pre-selection process well. Just answer some questions satisfactorily. Which CMS provides quick and easy installation? Which one provides simple administrative interface? Will you get enough extensions and plugins? Which CMS allows easiest theme manipulation? Will is ensure a decent user community?

 5.      Choose the CMS 

Okay…. Here we will not suggest doing a huge brainstorming. In fact, you have already done this. Now review the upper four sections. And, now select the best suited Content Management System for your website.

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