Drawbacks of Bangladeshi Outsourcing Market and How We Had Overcome It

17 Aug 2016
Drawbacks of Bangladeshi Outsourcing Market and How We Had Overcome It

Bangladesh is comparatively new in global outsourcing market. After about a decade of journey, now it has entered into the streamline. At the beginning, there were lots of obstacles which hampered the growth of our freelancing potential. Thanks to the combined efforts of many private and government initiatives that have made the path cleaner.

Internet is the fuel of any kind of outsourcing project. It works like a bridge between the buyer and employee. But Bangladesh suffered a lot for not having high speed internet connectivity.

As time passed, we also got speedier net facilities. Now Bangladesh is connected with international submarine cable system which made it easier. Beside government owned internet service provider BTCL, currently there are many other telecommunication and Wi-max companies serving world class internet facility.

Bangladesh also faced problems with payment systems used by freelance marketplace. Though there is no PayPal support for Bangladesh still now, we can take the same service from other alternatives like Skrill, Western Union, Payoneer debit card, direct bank transfer etc. So, while we have no access to official PayPal transfers, at the same time there are a good number of alternatives.

Expertise is a core require requirement without which outsourcing makes no sense. Bangladesh has a big number of professional freelancers and they are also offering training services to make a bigger figure of skilled manpower.

In fact, Bangladeshi freelancers are committed to represent the country as an ultimate destination of outsourcing projects. And it is being possible for our government’s caring and freelancer’s dedication.

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