Online Support Centre and Ticketing System

Service oriented companies need great customer support for their customers. This is the hallmark of a successful company who always thinks smartly and in a creative way. By using ticketing system for your Online Support Centre you can easily scale and streamline your customer service and drastically improve your customer's experience.Ticketing System also helps both the parties (customers and clients) to keep track of their issues. In this modern day one needs to move and accept new technology and ticketing system is just the thing you need to embrace for your company growth.

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Overview of a Ticketing System

Ticketing systems can be different and has many parts like:

  • issue tracking system
  • trouble ticket system
  • support ticket system
  • incident ticket system

Regardless of what name we give it, this is basically a software system which manages all the list of issues. In the ticketing system, a ticket is created based on the issue faced by the customer. When the supports team sees the ticket they act accordingly and solve the issue.

How Businesses use a Ticketing System?

The aim for using ticketing system is to streamline all communication within a ticket for solving the customer issue. Using the ticketing system is considered a hallmark of great customer support. This is the smart way to communicate and solve the problem of the customers. These tickets contain the history of the support and issues solved previously by customer support team members, subject matter experts, and sometimes even third parties on behalf of the end user or customer.Tickets are generally created in a help desk and have few detailed characteristics:-

  • Tickets have unique reference numbers (e.g. case number, call log number)
  • Tickets have a priority and workflow-related status (e.g. new, urgent, pending, resolved)

Our Online Support centre and Ticketing System

According to your business need we install the system on your main domain or subdomain or any separate domain. We will be doing the full setup according to your business need. Unlike other quick setup system this will not trouble you at all.Also we train our client on how to handle the system. After installation we will provide adequate training before going live. All the unwanted and testing data are deleted after completion of training.

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Why Us

Royex ticketing system provides with ticket management tools, and highly configurable forums, knowledge base, and FAQs to make it easier for clients. Moreover our ticketing system is customized so you can set it up according to your business needs. It is supportable with any email system. It is easily understandable for both the customer and client end and can be operate easily.