Woops CMS

Woops CMS is an output of the Royex Technologies R&D team. In simple term, woops CMS is a content management system, but it is also much more than that. We are experts in website development using different CMSs, and while developing, we have faced many issues. Some of these issues make the developer’s life tough, while others make the end user’s experience unpleasant. That's why we developed woops—to overcome issues of other CMSs.

The woops CMS has several features that will “wow” you: Multilingual, Well Supported, Media Manager, Banner Management, Contact Management, Content Management, Search Better, Search Smarter, Tagging, Frontend Editing, User Management, and much more.

Why Woops CMS

  • Real-time analytics report
  • Frontend edit option
  • Multi-layered security system with security index
  • Unbeatable, with loads of features
  • Comes at a very low price

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