Email and SMS Marketing

Online email and sms marketing campaigns have emerged as the most effective online advertising strategy available to marketers today because, businesses are able to actually see the results of direct email marketing in their scaling and measurable ROI. Royex Technologies is providing email and sms marketing in Chittagong since its inception. We have a database of 1 million customers of Chittagong and Bangladesh whom we can send email and sms for the marketing of your company.

Email Marketing

Demand of email marketing in Bangladesh are increasing day by day. Businesses worldwide are fast realizing that ecommerce email marketing is more than simply a passing fad. Nowadays, people are subscribing to daily or weekly emails or newsletter more than before and the figure is increasing due to the increase in internet users. Because of that, SMEs and large scale industries are engaging in email marketing for greater success. In a recent worldwide survey, 72% of all businesses ROI are excellent which had done campaign in email marketing.

Do you want to send bulk email?

You have a customer database but you do not know how to send email to them.

Do you still send email from outlook or any email software but unsure of how many has been send or delivered?

Let us help you to fulfill your above needs.

Our Services:

Making Beautiful newsletter design

Send the newsletter to customer database

Send the newsletter to our own 1 million database.


SMS Marketing

SMS is a great way to do marketing, as it is easy to access and handy to read and response..

SMS marketing in Bangladesh has become a popular way of marketing in recent times. Royex technologies are a pioneer for sms marketing in Chittagong and provides ample of services in this field.

Our Services:

Sending using custom sender name like “ROYEX”

Send to customer Database

Send to our own 100 K database.